From the designing of your playground equipment to the installation process, Setter Play have you covered! We have a wealth of expertise and understand the importance of canopies and shelters when waiting for your child to finish school, they’re especially helpful if it’s raining too!

We have a wide range of canopies available at Setter Play, so whether you need a curved beam, bike shelter or outdoor classroom, we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with a shelter that perfectly meets your needs.

Canopies are advantageous for schools and nursery’s, as well as public buildings, this is because they are perfect for draining water and keeping areas (and people) dry. You have the opportunity to customise your canopy, designing it to meet your needs regarding height and colour; however, at Setter Play we provide you with the option to have shutters attached and lighting installed, ultimately promoting your comfort and safety.

If you want to draw attention to the entrance of your school, have you considered an entrance canopy? An entrance canopy can not only protect you from harsh weather conditions but it can also incorporate colourful glass that makes your entrance eye-catching. After all, you want your entrance to be noticeable from all angles. What’s more is, when the sun shines on the coloured glass, your entrance will be much more striking!

Our outdoor classrooms are ideal for teaching children when the weather is promising, making lessons more fun and memorable! And at Setter Play, we always aim to help children to develop their social skills and the change in environment can be particularly favourable when trying to implement this.

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Monopitch canopies

Setter Play has 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of timber canopies for schools and public buildings across the country. Our monopitch canopies are perfect for schools [...]

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Curved-beam Canopies

Setter Play has 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of timber canopies for schools and public buildings across the country. Our curved-beam canopies are perfect for a [...]

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Entrance Canopies

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Gazebos and Pergolas

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Bike and Buggy Shelters and Utility Buildings

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Outdoor Classrooms and Teaching Canopies

Designed in close discussion with head teachers, Chatterbox is the ideal teaching canopy space for any educational establishment. At 6m x 4m standard size, they are the perfect sheltered meeting [...]

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Bespoke Canopies

Over our 20 years of designing, manufacturing, and installing canopies and shelters at primary schools around the country, we have had plenty of chances to demonstrate our specialist skills and knowledge. [...]

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Canopy Extras and Customisation Options

At Setter we pride ourselves on our bespoke offerings, and have years of experience in supplying canopies of all shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of needs. Our canopies [...]

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Forest Shelters

Designed to suit a forested environment, the Setter Forest Shelter can now be seen in some of the countrys most famous forests including Sherwood, the New Forest, Forest of Dean [...]

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Walkway and Connecting Canopies

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