Playground Equipment For Schools In Cheshunt

A key part of the playground design and build process is integration and installation of school playground equipment and the team at Setter Play, originating in Pirton, Hertfordshire, has built playground equipment for various community groups, schools, nurseries and local authorities across our home-county for more than 22 years.

Always on hand to offer a helping hand, every step of the way, we provide bespoke school playground equipment in Cheshunt to match the precise requirements of children and space. No two climbing frames are ever the same.

Outdoor Castle Play

Any great playground will incorporate a wide variety of equipment – targeting children of all ages. Where some kids enjoy running, jumping climbing and hiding, others prefer to swing, slide and balance – which is why we cover all bases with our school playground equipment in Cheshunt.

All our school playground equipment in Cheshunt is designed to stimulate creativity and encourage individuals to play imaginatively with their peers. We supply trails and climbing frames – allowing children to stretch their legs, socialise and to exercise their inventiveness.

Climbing frames are a playground classic. We can build them in all shapes and sizes and always take into consideration the needs of the user – making sure it’s safe and suitable. Great fun to use, our climbing frames in Cheshunt can build strength and confidence from an early age and develop vital skills, such as grip and grasp. An example of one of our most popular climbing frames is the Zoiks – a compact, affordable climbing unit that’s packed full of exciting activities, including a ramp, rope, scramble net and monkey bars.

Why choose Setter Play?

Here at Setter Play, we create school playground equipment in Cheshunt to suit the most diverse needs – taking into account the surrounding area, the age and ability of students and your budget. We arrange a consultation to discuss your design ideas and come up with a plan to make the build process easier and to deliver the best possible results.

Our team is on hand from 8.00am till 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, and will gladly share their expertise if you need to know more about school playground equipment in Cheshunt. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your playground in Cheshunt, be sure to browse our extensive product range or speak to our team of experts today by calling 01462 817 538 or emailing [email protected].

Cheshunt FAQ’s

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing school playground equipment, including:

• how much space is available

• what you can afford to spend

• the needs of your pupils

If your playground is only small, you should make sure that there is sufficient space for children to move between different pieces of apparatus without bumping into each other or the equipment.

Calculating how much funding you have for playground equipment in Cheshunt – and sticking to a strict budget – will also help you to update your play facilities without breaking the bank.

Although you want your playground equipment to be challenging enough for children to enjoy, it also needs to be age-appropriate and not too complicated (or dangerous!). Taking the time to ask your students what equipment they would like to have on the schoolyard – and factoring in their ages and abilities – will ensure they use the equipment as intended.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements in detail, call Setter Play on 01462 817 538.

Yes – all of our school playground equipment in Cheshunt is manufactured from only the highest quality materials and professionally assembled by our team, ensuring maximum safety and longevity.

Whilst we make sure that our structures are safe to use and age-appropriate for your students, you’ll still need to carry out routine inspections. These should cover the entire school playground, not just the equipment itself.

Pathways, safety surfaces, fences, and seats all need to be checked at least once a week. If you spot any faults or damage, you can then ensure that the equipment is repaired as soon as possible – before children use it.

To find out more about our school playground equipment and how to maximise safety for your pupils when playing with the apparatus, get in touch with Setter Play.

The price you’ll pay for school playground equipment in Cheshunt can vary depending on several factors – including the type, size, and quantity of equipment you require.

The good news is that, here at Setter Play, we provide a free consultation where we will discuss your project requirements and ideas in detail and help you to create your dream play area.

After we’ve found out what you want to achieve, we’ll then talk you through the funding options available before offering a tailored price for playground equipment in Cheshunt.

If you’d like a better idea of how much it will cost your school to install playground equipment, why not arrange an appointment with the team? You can do so by calling 01462 817 538 or emailing [email protected]

Once you’ve designed your new playground and decided which equipment you want to add to it, you’re probably wondering when we can install it, right?

The simple answer is that it depends on the scale and complexity of your project, as well as our installers’ availability.

For instance, it will take us longer to design, manufacture, and install a large bespoke unit – but you can relax knowing that it will be made to suit your exact requirements.

Our busiest time of the year is throughout the summer, when the kids and staff are off school for up to 6 weeks. So, if you’re thinking about installing school playground equipment in Cheshunt in time for the summer, you need to make sure you plan ahead.

We’ll be able to provide an approximate timescale for major milestones during the initial consultation. So, why not get in touch to arrange an appointment?