Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit asked Setter Play to design all of the play areas in their newly established site, ensuring to create a well-rounded mix of provisions that their pupils can enjoy all year round.

We started with some line markings on their fresh new tarmac, which created a brilliantly vibrant space packed with sports-, balance- and educational-based challenges. We also mounted some highly durable HDPE activity panels on their perimeter fence.

On their grass play area we installed our newly designed ‘Tangled Towers’ unit, with a prominent platform, an angled log ladder, and a giant triangular net creating different levels of challenge and providing a focus on fine- and gross-motor skills.

Tangled Towers featured an adventure trail at either end, to provide more space to play and challenge balance and co-ordination as well as grip-and-grasp.

On their top play area we created a focus on sports that can be enjoyed during lessons or breaktimes with multi-use goal ends at either end of the space, and a removable tennis net in the centre of the space too. Line markings will be installed once their new tarmac is laid!

Our design finished with an outdoor classroom in their garden space, creating an inviting area to take lessons outdoors all year round.  

We’re very proud to create such an expansive and varied design for a local PRU, and we’re really happy that the manager of the centre is recommending us to local schools in the area.