Whether you require playground equipment or benches, we have a variety of equipment that offers suitability for your specific needs and wants!

When you take your child to the park, is there anywhere for you to sit and supervise? Whilst your children are enjoying themselves, are you stood on your feet for lengthy periods of time? We bet you could really benefit from outdoor furniture, particularly a bench!

We have a wide range of benches at Setter Play, which allows parents to be the social butterfly that you are, sitting and socialising with other parents whilst your children are using their imaginations on our playground equipment.

Our extra services include storage solutions, at Setter Play we have bespoke designs that can be customised to meet your requirements. If you’re looking for a way to store your playground equipment; our storage solutions are perfect for you! We can create these to be any size considering your needs regarding size, after all, you want to make sure that you have sufficient storage for your equipment, to maintain high-quality products.

You may be wondering how could you benefit from a storage solution? Well, at Setter Play if your school has an outdoor classroom it may be ideal to install a storage chest to the wall or in an area that is spacious and not going to cause a hindrance to children. Setter Play specialise in providing you with a convenient alternative for your storage concerns, with designs that can simply blend in with the theme and location of your play area but ultimately providing security for your equipment!

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Playground Benches

Playground benches are more than just a place to rest. They’re valuable spaces children can socialise at breaktimes and lunchtimes and can be used by parents when waiting for children [...]

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Storage solutions

Our Storage Solutions At Setter Play we pride ourselves on our bespoke designs that we can customise to fit your space. This is true of our storage solutions too, which [...]

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