Forest Shelters

Forest Shelters



Designed to suit a forested environment, the Setter Forest Shelter can now be seen in some of the country’s most famous forests including Sherwood, the New Forest, Forest of Dean and many more.

Design of our forest shelters.

The design of the forest shelters features an open gable roof to provide minimal visual impact from end elevations. The supporting logs are designed to reflect the boughs of a tree reaching out to support the splaying roof. The roof pitch is quite shallow, once again to reduce visual impact and the materials have been chosen to sit within the trees in harmony. We use ethically-sourced timber that can be specifically home grown too. The standard sizes available are 6m x 4m, 9m x 6m (the most common) and 12m x 8m. Custom sizes are available too.

Here at Setter Play, we have also designed a mini forest shelter, known as a felling shelter, for shelter at stopping points on forest trails. As well as this, we can customise our Chatterbox outdoor classroom to suit any forest environment.

Purpose of our shelters.

The forest shelters are multifunctional, they offer shade and shelter within any environment and are designed to encourage and inspire children of all ages and abilities.

We recommend forest shelters for anyone looking to enhance children’s understanding of nature and wildlife, making learning more enjoyable and inspiring.

The forest shelters that we supply are designed to suit any unique setting, ensuring that it reflects highly on the surroundings. At Setter Play, we provide something suitable for everyone, so you needn’t worry about finding forest shelters to suit the space you have available.

Our forest shelters offer an innovative approach to outdoor learning. As an outdoor learning initiative, forest shelters can help students to visualise more and put things into perspective clearly.

Who can benefit from our forest shelters?

We provide forest shelters to accommodate the needs and requirements of all schools and groups. You want to make sure that you find an affordable, yet functional shelter for your group- and rightly so. Setter Play can create a shelter to suit your exact specification, in terms of size, style, affordability and location.

No matter which of our forest shelters you choose, you can bet that it will be designed to the highest-quality. All the shelters we design, manufacture and install are guaranteed to be safe to use, hence why they’ve become increasingly more popular.

Why you need a forest shelter?

Forest shelters are designed to suit you. Not only can they enhance nature’s value, but they also offer a new, exciting concept for various schools and other educational groups.

The rustic design of the forest shelters makes them stand out in any forest setting, can you afford not to add one to your area?

Each of the forest shelters that we provide at Setter Play is built with your exact needs in mind, ultimately providing you with a creative, imaginative and durable shelter for all weathers. The forest shelters are inspired by nature and can easily be personalised to suit your stylish needs.

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Forest Shelters FAQs

Outdoor learning is becoming more popular by the day in schools up and down the country.

From boosting child development, supporting mental health, and promoting positive relationships with nature, teaching your classes outside offers many benefits for your pupils.

If a lot of your lessons already take place outside, or you’re planning on introducing outdoor lessons to your children, a forest shelter will be the perfect addition to your space.

Not only will it allow your students to sit shaded and sheltered, but it will also enhance their understanding of nature and make lesson time much more enjoyable.

No matter the space you’re working with, we can help you develop the ideal outdoor learning environment for your school.

The price you’ll pay for one of our forest shelters depends on a couple of different things – including the size you require, and whether or not you opt for a custom-built piece.

Here at Setter Play, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they can get the most out of their budgets.

When you contact us, we’ll arrange a consultation – where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the visions you have as well as your requirements (i.e., class size)

This will allow us to tailor your forest shelter to the exact needs of your pupils, and help you make outdoor lessons as fun and engaging as possible.

To find out more about our forest shelters or to book a consultation with our design experts, be sure to get in touch with us today.

Call 01462 817 538 to chat with us directly, or email us at [email protected], and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Our forest shelters here at Setter Play are made from the highest quality timber, and there are a couple of things you need to do if you want to keep yours in good condition.

• Regular cleaning – cleaning will help to remove any build-ups of dirt and debris that cause wood to wear down and rot over time. Wash with warm water (make sure it’s not piping hot) and a mild detergent or disinfectant.

• Stain and seal the timber – wood is a durable material, but this isn’t to say that it won’t benefit from an extra layer of protection.

To keep your forest shelter in the best condition for as long as possible, you should re-stain and re-seal the timber every one to three years.

• Routine inspections – keeping a close eye on your forest shelter is one of the easiest ways to look after it. Look for splinters, cracks or rotting and repair/treat these issues as soon as possible, making sure to sand down any rough patches.

If you require more information or expert tips on how to keep your forest shelter in great condition, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We’re always available and more than happy to help.

The best time for outdoor learning is of course in the Spring and Summer, so we see lots of schools installing forest shelters during the Winter break or February half-term ready for when it gets a little warmer.

Whilst you and your pupils enjoy your time off, our team will get to work on installing your new forest shelter – all ready for your outdoor lessons to commence when you return.

Regardless of when you decide to invest in a forest shelter for your school – we’re the team to call.

For more details on our forest shelters or to arrange a consultation with the experts here at Setter Play, get in touch with us today!

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