Children's Play Equipment, Fundamental Range



The Galleon is a super-sized ship-themed playframe that is a fantastic centrepiece to a primary school or park playground. Consisting of a bow section and stern section, which are each a large climbing frame in their own right, and with a strong nautical theme, the Galleon contains activities for all age groups, as well as limited mobility users.

The 900mm high bow secion features simple steps, providing an easy route of ascent, and has a ton of imagination-play features, such as portholes and engraved anchor designs, and you have the possibility of customising the galleon further, to base it on a real ship (as we did with the galleon Kelso had installed, which they wanted to be based on the Nancy Dawson, a famous ship with links to that area). A range of activity and game panels are also available.

Beyond the huge main mast of the Galleon is the top deck. At 1.7m high, this platform is the perfect vantage point for a captain and their crew, and is accessible by nets (including a large tube net in the floor of the top deck, for three-dimensional play), ramps, ropes, and ladders, although again you can swap these out for any other climbing activity. A large steel slide is the fun way of abandoning ship, and you can get the HDPE panels and barriers in a variety of different colour options.



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