Bike and Buggy Shelters and Utility Buildings

Bike and Buggy Shelters and Utility Buildings
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As an antidote to the ubiquitous steel bike shelters that are seen in many environments Setter is now able to offer desirable aesthetic solutions by using graceful curved timber. Robust Douglas Fir that has undergone pressure treatment means that durability and low maintenance comes as standard.¬†Our ethos is that practicality doesn’t have to be boring and our innovative use of curved beams, now extended to our bike shelters, shows this in practice.

You can get our curved cycle shelters in any size, although as standard they are 4.2m long and house 10 bicycles.

Alternatively, we have resized our Chatterbox outdoor classrooms to create a smaller, narrower structure that is perfect for sheltering bikes and buggies.

We have also developed concepts of various utility buildings, such as bus shelters and trolley stores, for a more high-end offering than the plastic and steel that plague our streets!