St. George’s Castle

Children's Play Equipment, Bespoke Projects



We proposed a George and the Dragon themed castle to St. George’s Primary School to complement their school’s namesake.

St. George’s Castle features a strong castle theme throughout, with battlements, loopholes, and castle keep, which all aid imagination play. This castle design features a wide range of activities for children of all ages, per the school’s spec; the platform with the keep has some simple spiral steps leading up to, making it easy for younger years to get onto the castle to play. Over the bridge, the other deck consists of a large net platform, with a tube net in the middle, which provides a 3-dimensional play provision that is more challenging for older children. This platform also features a ramp, rock wall, and scramble net as methods of access, providing a rounded physical challenge that aids with pupils’ physical development.

To further the imagination play aspects of the scheme, we also designed a ‘medieval marketplace’ underneath the castle bridge that features timber shop front panels, a butchers and a bakers. We have engraved some of the legend ¬†of George and the Dragon around the castle keep, and the castle sits on a ‘field’ of green wetpour, with a coiled red dragons tail in the corner, to really get the children’s imaginations going.

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