Are you looking to create an area that offers excitement like no other?

At Setter Play, we create bespoke wooden playground equipment that allows children to explore ways in which they can use their imagination. Our bespoke range of playground equipment is suitable for children of different ages.

We allow you to have complete control of the design process, from start to finish. You design your playground equipment and we create it for you! You have so much choice when it comes to bespoke wooden playground equipment, we can design your equipment to follow your preferred colour scheme or style. We ensure that your new play area offers aptness for the surrounding locations so your new playground equipment doesn’t look out of place.

The size of the playground equipment is dependent on the space you have available, hence why we offer a bespoke service, making sure that your equipment fits in the designated area and is easily accessible from several directions. You have the opportunity to provide our team at Setter Play with your measurements and any relevant information regarding the construction of your play area, once you’ve arranged a consultation.

So, if you’re looking for a treehouse, tree tower or wooden castle, we allow you to provide challenges that are suitable for children, regardless of their age! We construct climbing frames and other playground equipment to be challenging yet exciting, at Setter Play we make playtime more enjoyable, offering somewhere for them to calm down. In addition to this, our equipment can be useful if your child is full of beans, our play areas have been known to make use of this excess energy!

To discuss your bespoke project, get in touch with us!

St. Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle sits proudly atop a large mound in St. Andrews Primary School in Hitchin's grounds. It consists of elegant cedar timbers, giving it a lovely soft reddish look, [...]

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St. George’s Castle

We proposed a George and the Dragon themed castle to St. George's Primary School to complement their school's namesake. St. George's Castle features a strong castle theme throughout, with battlements, [...]

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Holy Family Castle

Holy Family Castle is another expansive play castle that demonstrates our bespoke play castle and how they make the perfect centrepiece to any primary school play area. Two timber ramps [...]

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Prae Wood Castle

Prae Wood Castle in St. Albans is a large play castle installed at the top of a mound that features a ton of challenging physical activities and an exciting castle [...]

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Muswell Hill Castle

When we visited Muswell Hill Primary School, they had an old amphitheatre-style area with slippy wooden decking that they were desperate to get rid of. We proposed to them that [...]

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Tree Towers

Instead of chopping a tree down, why not build around it! Our Tree Towers feature a large hexagonal bespoke deck that wraps around the tree and incorporates it into the [...]

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Treehouses are a wonderful way to combine imagination play with physical play in a compact and cute climbing frame. The bespoke styling and house on the platform invite children to [...]

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