For all things, fun, use Setter Play. We have the expertise to install playground equipment that revitalises an area and generates a greater sense of community. If you’re looking to install traditional playground equipment, like swings, zip wires, ropes, bridges, steps or wobble walks, you can rely on Setter Play; we understand that children still look for that stomach churning excitement!

If you’re looking for new innovations, we have the perfect service for you! We design playground equipment to incorporate traditional values, yet have the opportunity to make the equipment challenging if need be! The colours used for your classic playground equipment is entirely up to you as well, ensuring we manufacture completely bespoke playground equipment for you!

Our activity trails are suitable for all ages; they offer excitement and engagement because there’s a range of activities to do from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for playground equipment that challenges balance or agility, or a sense of enjoyment and education, Setter Play provide trails that are exhilarating.

An example of classic playground equipment is the mound and tunnel. It’s a popular choice for children who have different abilities and strengths. Allowing children to travel between various areas, and explore, this can be further enhanced by adding a slide to the feature, making it even more exciting and enjoyable!

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The Setter Zipwire is a great asset in any public playground, appealing to all ages of children (and indeed grown-ups have been known to have a go too!). The Setter [...]

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Mound and Tunnel

An ever more popular playground feature, the mound and tunnel provides a fun three-dimensional route to travel between areas in a playground. You can customise your mound and tunnel with [...]

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Activity Trails

Activity Trails are a classic play area feature; they provide a huge range of different activities that challenge your balance, grip-and-grasp, agility, and strength amongst others, and it's this varying [...]

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Greenwood Activity Trail

Bespoke Greenwood Activity Trail The smallest trail, Greenwood, features an Incline Beam, Slalom, Clatter Bridge, Crossed Ropes, and 5 Stepping Posts in a well rounded activity trail that features a range [...]

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Heartwood Activity Trail

Our Unique Heartwood Activity Trail The medium trail, Heartwood, features all the activities of the Greenwood, but also adds a Drop-Rope Traverse, Springy Plank, Burma Bridge, Swinging Steps, and Stilts, [...]

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Sherwood Activity Trail

The largest and longest trail, Sherwood, builds on the previous two trails by adding a Wobble Walk, Crossed Ropes, Suspended Plank, Swinging Steps, and Clatter Bridge, creating a trail with [...]

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Up and Overs

Up and Overs are a classic playground activity that are designed to emulate the fun of army assault courses. Setter Play have developed three different offerings, each of a different [...]

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Primary School Playground Equipment

Bespoke, Tailored Playground Equipment At Setter Play, we have been working with primary schools throughout the UK for over 20 years. The primary school playground equipment that we supply is [...]

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Nursery Playground Equipment

A day at nursery is meant to be fun and exciting for children, so what better way to inspire young minds than to invest in innovative nursery playground equipment? Here [...]

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Swings are one of the oldest pieces of play equipment. From a simple stick on a rope slung over a branch, swings have come a long way but at their [...]

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