At Setter Play, we have wooden playground equipment that offers excitement for young children. If you need hep designing, manufacturing or installing your playground equipment, speak to one of our professionals!

Perhaps you’re looking for equipment that is engaging for children?

Consider our elemental playground equipment, we are sure you’ll discover something suitable, and if you don’t, we can customise your equipment meeting your needs and requirements. Our Fiddlesticks are an example of equipment that is particularly useful for engaging with children of various ages, the purpose of this is equipment is to make children think, it is unpredictable so allows your child’s imagination to run free!

If you’re unsure what elemental equipment has to offer, at Setter Play we encourage exploration from a young age. Our climbing equipment and treehouses are ideal for this, they provide values of endless play and require various levels of skill.

For schools, we highly recommend elemental equipment because it tends to have a greater capacity, allowing more children to play at any one time! Not only is the functionality well-suited to your educational needs, our equipment is natural looking, therefore your playground won’t be an eye-sore, in fact, it will be quite the opposite!

Fair Bear

Fair Bear is a single tower unit based on the popular Square Bear. The unit has been redesigned with tactile treated timber throughout to sit comfortably in the Elemental range. [...]

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Lumberjack is a giant climbing unit in the style of Hambridge, but based on Crackerjack, the popular multi age group climber from the fundamental range. Lumberjack has been designed to be [...]

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Fiddlesticks was born through a clients’ request for a free form timber climbing unit with rope play. We designed Fiddlesticks to have the unpredictable and exciting aesthetic of a bundle [...]

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Hambridge adds a Toot Hill, Highdown, and an extra 1.5m tower packed with activities together to result in a monster climbing frame with activities suitable for every age group. We designed [...]

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Highdown is phase 1 of the extension of Toot Hill (with Hambridge being phase 2). It features the same engaging and exciting grid-style climbing frame of Toot Hill, but combines [...]

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Huckleberry is a unit for key stage 1 children, providing developmental challenges within a compact and attractive design. The unit is derived from our Klunk design, but adapted to fit [...]

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Jellywood, naturally, is our Elemental version of Jellystone. It features the same activities but it is produced in natural materials and sympathetic colours to harmonise with the theme. Colourful rope [...]

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Toot Hill

Toot Hill is our flagship unit, and certainly one of our favourites, because it combines an innovative design and a multitude of challenging physical activities with an incredible price, making [...]

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Wacky House

Wacky House is a large quirky structure somewhere between a tree house and a conventional tower unit. It has a large platform at 1.5M high that enables friends to hang [...]

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The Orinoco is designed to recreate that liberating feeling of swinging beneath the tree tops just like a monkey. With a strong rainforest theme, helped out by green accents and [...]

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Developed at the request of Benson Primary School's headteacher, Hucklerock combines the best elements of Huckleberry and Bedrock. One deck at 900mm provides accessibility for younger years, from where they [...]

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