Children's Play Equipment, Elemental Range


The Orinoco is designed to recreate that liberating feeling of swinging beneath the tree tops just like a monkey. With a strong rainforest theme, helped out by green accents and HDPE palm fronds, the Orinoco is exciting to behold, approach, and play all over.

A jungle gym style play provision features crawl nets, ropes to shimmy across, the ever-challenging monkey bars, and an exciting crawl tunnel. This leads to a more traditional tower-based play provision, with three towers linked together by challenging overhead activities like trapeze hoops. Each tower features a range of climbing activities to climb onto them, such as rock walls, scramble nets, and ramps and ropes.

This impressive play unit is the perfect centrepiece to a playground redevelopment. The muted, natural colours mean the Orinoco doesn’t dominate the space, but adds huge interest to it with it’s jungle theme. The climbing and playing activities help create a very balanced climbing frame that every pupil will be desperate to play on.


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