Bespoke Canopies

Bespoke canopies



You cannot go wrong with bespoke canopies from Setter Play! We supply School Canopies to suit the most diverse demands, so be sure to discuss your needs in detail with our team of experts today!


Over our 20 years of designing, manufacturing, and installing school canopies and shelters around the country, we have had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate our specialist skills and knowledge.

From school canopies that have been designed to match the curve of a tubular building, to building nine canopies that seem to flow out from and complement a RIBA-award winning building, to building an outdoor classroom that was compliant with the planning laws surrounding the listed school building, we really have seen, done, and designed it all!


Any of the bespoke canopies that we supply at Setter Play are built to your exact specification, in terms of shape, size and colour. As well as this, we can supply a bespoke canopy that’s made to measure, allowing you to find one that fits perfectly onto the side of your school.

Our bespoke canopies are designed with your needs in mind, so if you have any special request or design ideas, be sure to get in touch with Setter Play!

We can build a bespoke canopy if you don’t find what you’re looking for within our collection of standard entrance canopies.


No matter where you wish to install a bespoke canopy, we can create a canopy to complement any area, providing you with an ideal solution for sheltering parents, students and children.

At Setter Play, we put our skills and expertise to the test- we think nothing less than creating a bespoke canopy to suit the requirements of your primary school or nursery.

The bespoke school canopies that we supply are designed to accommodate all architectural concepts, ensuring that everyone finds a stylish solution.


Here at Setter Play, we manufacture all of our bespoke canopies to the highest quality, ensuring that you receive the best value for money. Any bespoke canopy from Setter Play is designed to be long-lasting, making it a worthy investment to make.


The school canopies are designed to suit the most stylish demands but also provide countless benefits. Offering protection against all weathers and making a contemporary statement, a bespoke canopy is multi-functional.

If you’re looking for a canopy to shelter parents on the school run, you cannot go wrong with a bespoke canopy.

Make sure that you have sufficient shelter- contact our team of professionals to discuss your specific size requirements!

The bespoke canopies are perfect if you need to maximise the space you have available. Setter Play can help you to make the most of the limited space you have, making sure that there’s no compromise made to functionality and quality.

Why not put a stamp on your canopies and choose something bespoke today? We can install canopies in all colours, sizes and styles, so, if you’re thinking of starting a canopy project, give us a call on 01462 817 538 or contact us today!

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