Curved-beam Canopies

Curved-beam Canopies


Setter Play has 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of timber canopies for schools and public buildings across the country.

Our curved-beam canopies are perfect for a school or building project that is looking for something different and eye-catching to the everyday monopitch alternatives, whilst still maintaining the durability, functionality and high quality of our monopitch designs.

Using glulam timbers that are capable of being curved to any radius, our curved-beam designs are bespoke, meaning each design is created especially for your project. This capability allows us to match architectural features of your building, meaning your canopy complements the design, and also allows us to create custom canopy solutions where other companies may not.

The roofing systems we use block out up to 99% of UV-light, which keeps the canopy cool in the summer and prevents harmful rays getting through.

There are endless ways in which you can modify your new canopy, to create a structure that suits your needs and budget. Just get in touch if you want to discuss our bespoke options further!

Customisation options:

  • Full-height or half-height side panels, complete with polycarbonate windows
  • Multiple different seating options
  • Coloured roofing sheets in any configuration you’d like – schools love installing a canopy that matches their school’s colours!
  • Electric roller-shutter doors; combined with full-height panels, roller-shutters create a secure, lockable outdoor classroom. This is a great way to extend your teaching space on a budget
  • Roof-lights to allow more light to flood into the space
  • Plus much more; give us a call to find out!

Curved Beam Canopies FAQ’s

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to add shade and shelter to your school, our curved-beam canopies are the perfect solution.

Both stylish and functional, they offer an eye-catching alternative to conventional monopitch (sloping) canopies and block out harmful UV rays, helping to keep the building and people inside cool and comfortable throughout the summer.

In the winter, curved-beam canopies offer protection against the rain and wind. This means that lessons can still be taught outside and students can play out and enjoy their lunches without getting wet or chilly!

Another great thing about our outdoor curved-beam canopies for schools is that they can be installed almost anywhere – be it on the side of your building to extend classroom space, at the main entrance to attract the attention of visitors, or in between buildings to provide a covered walkway.

For more information about our curved-beam canopies and how your school could benefit from them, talk to the team today.

Yes! Here at Setter Play, we are proud to offer a number of custom choices.

This means you can dictate everything from the colour of the roof sheets to the side panels, lighting and seating options.

Most schools opt for curved-beam canopies to extend classroom and dining space in their school colours to ensure consistency – but the choice is entirely yours as we provide roofing sheets in a full range of colours.

If you intend on using your canopy as an outdoor classroom, you may wish to have electric roller shutters installed for security purposes. Alternatively, full-height or half-height side panels will keep the elements at bay and provide a comfortable learning environment for children and staff.

When you choose Setter Play for curved-beam canopies, we will always arrange an appointment – either face-to-face or over the phone – and talk you through the available options.

So, why not get in touch?

The cost of a curved-beam canopy can vary depending on several factors – including the size, material and any custom options.

The good news is, here at Setter Play, we will always discuss your requirements in further detail. This will allow us to find out more about your requirements (including what you intend to use outdoor curved-beam canopies for and how you’d like them to look) before offering a quote.

To access your free, no-obligation quote today, give us a call on 01462 817 538. Our team is always on hand to help and will be more than happy to provide a fair price for curved-beam canopies.

Curved-beam canopies are becoming increasingly more popular amongst primary and secondary schools – but how soon we can come out and install them depends on how busy we are and the complexity of the design.

The summer holidays tend to be the busiest time of the year for our installers. This is because students and staff are off for six weeks or more, allowing work to be done with less disruption to the school day.

It’s worth noting that larger curved-beam canopies and those with intricate designs will take longer to design, manufacture and install. However, they will be worth the wait.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more about outdoor curved-beam canopies with Setter Play.

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