No matter what your playground needs are, Setter Play have the expertise to design and install your new playground, whether it be for your primary school, community centre or outdoor classroom!

We work alongside you to plan your playground, ensuring children have the opportunity to play and be creative. We offer a variety of abstract playground equipment, allowing you to choose from a range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours.

You will notice that our playground equipment is bright and colourful, making them more exciting and fun. If you want something that generates engagement, our abstract equipment is perfect for you.

If you’re concerned about your child’s development, our equipment can help with the concept of gripping and grasping, as a playground shouldn’t just be about play! Here at Setter Play, we’re big believers that playground equipment should be educational as well as exciting, like our Pyramid frame. This equipment is traditional; however, we have tweaked it slightly to make it more engaging and interesting. Who doesn’t enjoy jungle gyms? We recommend this equipment for older children, ultimately developing physical strength.

As an alternative, we do have playground equipment that is appropriate for pre-school children, these have bold features and don’t restrict their need to play and explore! If you’re looking for playground equipment that can be accessed by any direction, you are in capable hands. Setter Play have abstract features that provide a sense of freedom when it comes to playing, creating equipment that can incorporate towers and platforms, encouraging young children to explore and use their initiative to be creative.


Vibe is designed to be the evolution of the typical tower unit - instead the ubiquitous 'four uprights and a platform', the Vibe features five angled uprights in a pentagonal configuration, giving [...]

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The Pyramid was the first of Setter Play's abstract climbers, and was designed to be a modern take on the old jungle gym's of the 1970's. The great thing about [...]

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Zippy is Vibe’s big brother, featuring a second podium tower linked by an arcing traverse net. This expansive unit can accommodate a large number of children with a range of [...]

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Skinny Spiffy

A further development in the futuristic Spiffy range, the Skinny Spiffy was developed to pack the same excitement and play value as the Spiffy into a narrower space. The Skinny Spiffy [...]

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Spiffy is a bright and funky climber that is designed to stimulate the core development requirements of Key Stage 1 children, combining a surprising number of challenging physical activities with [...]

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Super Spiffy

The Super Spiffy was borne out of Shephalbury Park Primary School loving the idea and ethos the Spiffy, but wanting it expanded to create a centrepiece climbing frame for their school. [...]

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Onyx was inspired by a teacher who gave us a brief for some 'boulders' for her pupils to explore. Perfect for primary school playgrounds that are lacking something for their [...]

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