Children's Play Equipment, Abstract Range



Vibe is designed to be the evolution of the typical tower unit – instead the ubiquitous ‘four uprights and a platform’, the Vibe features five angled uprights in a pentagonal configuration, giving it a quirky, angular appearance.

Vibe is available with either a 900mm high deck or a 1500mm high deck, depending on the intended age range – a lower deck is more accessible to younger children, whilst a higher deck presents a fun challenge to older kids.

The standard activities on the 900mm high unit are a vertical traverse net, the barrel climber, scramble net, drop rope traverse and the HDPE slide, a play bench/table provides low level accessible play.

The 1500mm high unit features an overhead ladder and the trapeze hoop crossing, scramble net and rockwall climbing surfaces.The design of ‘Vibe’ allows for the creation of custom variations so we can tailor the activities and shape of the unit to fit your needs and location.

The jaunty angles and unorthodox shape of the deck make the Vibe an exciting addition to any play area. The HDPE colours are customisable too, meaning you can really design this one to be unique to your project.

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