Children's Play Equipment, Fundamental Range



The Tug Boat is a boat themed play unit that combines a nautical theme and appearance that invigorates children’s imaginations, with the climbing activities found on a traditional tower unit that assist with children’s physical development.

The deck is set at 900mm and is accessible by a scramble net and ramp and rope, with a slide providing the route off of the deck, although you can of course customise your climbing activities fully, and pick from the many others that Setter Play offer, such as a barrel climber, lily pad steps, or a fireman’s pole, to make the Tug Boat truly yours.

To promote the imagination play aspect of the Tug Boat and broaden its appeal to younger years, there are nautical themed designs engraved into the HDPE panels, like portholes and anchors, and of course there is a steering wheel for the captain of the ship!

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