Children's Play Equipment, Abstract Range



Spiffy is a bright and funky climber that is designed to stimulate the core development requirements of Key Stage 1 children, combining a surprising number of challenging physical activities with a non-prsecriptive ethos and a quirky design in a very compact unit.

A tube net atthe hub of the unit is the catalyst to explore all points from the inside out. The outside faces of the unit provide challenges to enable a complete traverse to be achieved. Grip and grasp are challenged via the overhead wedge ladder, balance and strength challenged through the rock traverse walls, a wavy overhead bar provides a destabilising influence whilst trying to cross the foot rope, and a spider’s web net provides a climbing and crossing opportunity with a difference. A fun crossing is provided by a swivel step that rotates 180 degrees, completing the circuit.

This non-prescriptive design means children can approach Spiffy from any angle, and set off in any direction they’d like. This open, welcoming and modern playground design is a firm favourite with primary schools.

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