Skinny Spiffy

Children's Play Equipment, Abstract Range



A further development in the futuristic Spiffy range, the Skinny Spiffy was developed to pack the same excitement and play value as the Spiffy into a narrower space.

The Skinny Spiffy is designed to present a three-dimensional play provision for younger years children; a large tube net at the centre of the unit is designed to be crawled up, through, over, or under, before exploring the other features of the unit.

In one direction, a combination of ropes and metal bars to swing from culminate in a wedge shaped overhead ladder, which is ideal for younger children to develop their upper body strength by enjoying the feeling of hanging freely.

Once you have traversed the range of activities around the bottom end of the Skinny Spiffy, a spiders web present a challenge to crawl through, and then a wavy bar on one side and rock climbing panels on the other challenge your grip and grasp.

The reward for having made it round this endlessly exciting play challenge is a metal deck with a HDPE slide providing the method of descent.

The Spiffy range is designed to be bright, colourful, and futuristic, and can be approached and played-on in any direction, which increases play value hugely for your pupils as they won’t get bored of the same old challenge. Installing onto brightly coloured wetpour rubber safety surfacing really completes the exciting and unconventional look.

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