Super Spiffy

Children's Play Equipment, Abstract Range



The Super Spiffy was borne out of Shephalbury Park Primary School loving the idea and ethos the Spiffy, but wanting it expanded to create a centrepiece climbing frame for their school.

We extended Spiffy out to feature an even wider range of three-dimensional play activities; the central tube net now leads onto a large cone net, offering a challenging way to traverse through the middle of the climbing frame. This leads to a wedge-shaped overhead ladder, which is great for assisting with children’s physical development, by allowing them to support their own body weight.

In the other direction from the central tube net is a 900mm deck to climb onto, which then leads onto the exciting suspended steps. Around the outside of the frame there are poles and ropes to balance across, rock walls to clamber around, a fun rotating step, and a balance bridge.

This multitude of activities are placed in a way by which they are accessible from any direction, and allow you to move off from them in any direction. Combined with the fact that you can approach the Spiffy from any direction before setting off on your adventure, the non-prescriptive design behind Super Spiffy creates endless play opportunities and delivers very high play value and value for money.

The huge range of colours available for the hdpe panels, ropework, metalwork, and nets means that you can get this in the funky, unorthodox colour scheme that comes as standard, or you can even pick and choose your own, to make your Super Spiffy truly unique.

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