Children's Play Equipment, Elemental Range


Hambridge adds a Toot Hill, Highdown, and an extra 1.5m tower packed with activities together to result in a monster climbing frame with activities suitable for every age group. We designed the Hambridge to be modular as it means that schools can build their way up to it as their budgets allow for it.

Ropework, metalwork, and natural timbers combine to create a climbing frame that has a huge capacity, and the combination of the non-prescriptive play found on the Toot Hill, with the structured playing elements of the Highdown and extra tower gives a huge range of challenging physical activities, for varying skill levels.

This colossal climbing frame is made predominantly of timber, giving it an elegant and natural appearance where artificial materials would not. The endless play value featured in the Hambridge makes this a flagship unit in the Setter range, and one every school should aspire to have.


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