Castle themed playground
By Alex / June 14, 2021

Design A Castle-Themed Playground With Setter Play

Things have been tough over the last year or so – and not just for the grown-ups! The closure of...

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Keeping kids entertained - Setter Play
By Alex / April 29, 2021

Keeping Kids Entertained During Lockdown

It was a strange year, wasn’t it? With a global pandemic taking its toll on the country and the government...

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Transform Playground - Setter Play
By Alex / April 29, 2021

Easy Ways To Transform Your School Playground In The New Year

Did you know that children spend approximately 1,200 hours out on the schoolyard during the seven years that they attend...

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Road Safety - Setter Play
By Alex / April 29, 2021

3 ways to teach road safety

Did you know that more than 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year? Teaching road safety is...

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Castle - Setter Play
By Alex / April 26, 2021

Inspiring ideas for the school playground

Kids have the most vivid imaginations, don’t they? They can play with pretty much anything and have oodles of fun....

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School Playground Equipment
By Alex / September 1, 2020

5 top tips for making Playtimes better

Due to COVID-19, many schools have closed and parents have found themselves taking on the role of teachers. From textbooks...

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Highdown Climbing Frame
By Aleks Bhowmick / June 4, 2019

Planning a Wooden School Playground – a teacher’s guide

Looking to replace old, broken school playground equipment at your school in Hertfordshire or the surrounding area? You’ve come to...

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Tree Tower
By Aleks Bhowmick / May 1, 2019

School Playground Equipment for all types of play

So you’re looking to update your playground facilities? Here at Setter Play, we design, manufacture and install exciting school playground...

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Wacky House Play Equipment
By Aleks Bhowmick / March 21, 2019

How can students benefit from wooden outdoor play equipment?

So you’re looking to update your school playground - making it more engaging and exciting for all students? Let Setter...

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Sports and Fitness Pitch from Setter Play UK
By Aleks Bhowmick / March 21, 2019

How to get the most out of your school playground equipment

Are you looking to make your school playground more fun for all students? What better way to do so than...

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