School is an enriching experience for little ones – teaching them vital skills and preparing them for adulthood. However, the simple addition of a canopy or shelter can make it all the more fulfilling.

Many schools in the UK have already taken the plunge and opted to use canopies – including this Bedfordshire Primary School which wanted TWO new shelters so they could take lessons and break times outside, come rain or shine.

Let’s take a look at how your school (and pupils) could benefit from installing canopies:

The benefits of school canopies - Setter Play

  1. Create outdoor learning opportunities – whether they’re running around the schoolyard, climbing on playground equipment or perched on a bench eating their lunch, being outside promotes a healthy lifestyle.


However, installing a school canopy and taking lessons outdoors provides the best of both worlds. Not only do children get their daily dose of fresh air, but it also makes learning more enjoyable and boosts their academic performance.

  1. Relieve pressure from the dining hall – if the outdoor learning potential wasn’t a good enough reason to install a school canopy, then perhaps the additional dining space will be!


Canopies can be fitted on the side of your building to extend your existing canteen facilities – providing more space for students to eat their packed lunches with their friends. The best bit about these shelters? There’s no need to cram everyone inside when it’s pouring down with rain. The kids can still enjoy their food outside without getting wet.

The benefits of school canopies - Setter Play


  1. Extend your classroom space – need more space to accommodate bigger class sizes? Want to encourage children to interact with pupils they don’t normally sit next to in the classroom? School canopies and shelters are a fantastic option – guaranteed to create additional classroom space without costing you a fortune.


This extra space is ideal for creative and messy projects and can also come in useful for activities involving musical instruments, which can get very noisy very quickly.


  1. Provide year-round protection – sun cream and sun hats will protect children’s skin from harmful UV rays. Raincoats and wellington boots will keep them warm and dry in the winter. But canopies can protect both people and classroom equipment against the elements – ensuring they don’t get too hot in the sunshine or wet in the rain.


They can be used as walkways and offer cover for waiting parents. We also provide bike shelters – giving pupils and staff the peace of mind that, if they cycle to school, they won’t need to worry about keeping their bikes safe and seats dry.

The benefits of school canopies - Setter Play

  1. Enhances the appearance of your school – canopies are available in various colours and designs. Here at Setter Play, we provide bespoke canopies, along with several customisation options, allowing you to create a striking feature on the playground or at the school entrance hall.


First impressions count, and the simple addition of a canopy or shelter can make the world of difference for prospective students and their parents. Who knows, it could even score you some extra points with Ofsted inspectors…


  1. Encourages out  door play – playing outside is not only lots of fun, but it can also aid a child’s physical, emotional and social development. That’s why teachers (and parents) should encourage youngsters to spend time outdoors – burning unspent energy and letting their imaginations run wild and free.


Aside from investing in exciting school playground equipment, it’s worth installing outdoor canopies and gazebos so games can continue, regardless of the weather conditions. Plus, students are often more motivated to learn when they’re outside, and they behave better.


  1. Maximises comfort for students, staff and visitors – providing covered walkways and connecting canopies at your school will benefit teachers and pupils, as well as any visitors.


No one will have to make a mad dash and run for cover when the heavens open which, in turn, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. And children who don’t like sitting in the sun can go about their daily activities without feeling lightheaded or their skin getting burnt.


Install canopies and shelters at your school

Here at Setter Play, we design, manufacture and install canopies for schools across our home county – covering Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

If you need additional classroom space, want to take lessons outdoors or give your building a more attractive look, our team will be more than happy to help.

Take a look at the different types of canopies and shelters we provide and click through to find out more about the options available. Once you’ve decided which one will suit your school the best, let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling straight away.

If you’re spoilt for choice or need an expert opinion, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Just give us a call on 01462 817 538 or email [email protected].