Did you know that children spend approximately 1,200 hours out on the schoolyard during the seven years that they attend primary school?

It’s true. Kids love nothing more than whizzing down slides, monkeying around with their friends and generally just being outside. It breaks the school-day up and prevents monotony (for both pupils and staff!) too. Although this time may have been cut short in 2020 – due to the coronavirus pandemic – there’s a number of things you can do to make your outdoor facilities even better.

Here we look at some simple, yet effective, ways to inject fun into your tired school playground in 2021:

  • Install playground markings

Looking for affordable school playground equipment to encourage pupils to participate in physical activities at break and lunchtimes? Thermoplastic line markings are ideal.

There are plenty of options, including sports markings which instantly add vibrancy to your schoolyard and invite youngsters to improve their agility, balance and coordination whilst having oodles of fun. Roadways and play towns are another popular choice of primary schools as they promote imaginative play and enable pupils to use their trikes, bikes and scooters in an orderly fashion (i.e. driving on the correct side of the road, stopping at zebra crossings to let pedestrians across, etc.). These can even help with road safety awareness.

  • Add a touch of excitement

Hopscotch. Stuck in the mud. Hide and seek. Duck, Duck, Goose!

These are just a few of the traditional playground games that are bound to make you feel nostalgic! They are heaps of fun for youngsters and help with patience, teambuilding, balance and coordination, and are still enjoyed on the yard today.

Aside from games like the aforementioned, children make up their own – letting their imaginations run wild – and having exciting school playground equipment can inspire them. For instance, it might be a climbing frame to you and me but, to little ones, it’s really a princess’ castle or a den.

  • Add seating

Whilst most children look forward to playtime, not all students are the same – and the value of playground benches is not to be overlooked. Not only are they great for children who want to eat their packed lunches outside with their peers, staff can take a seat and supervise the class in comfort. And parents can sit and wait for their children to be dismissed from class at the end of the school day.

There are various shapes, sizes and styles to choose from here at Setter Play, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find something suitable for the space you have available.

  • Don’t forget shelters!

As the temperatures plummet during the winter months, the urge to spend more time indoors becomes greater than ever. But keeping classrooms well-ventilated all-year-round can, in fact, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs, helping children to achieve 100% attendance.

On top of this, adding shelters and canopies is a brilliant way to transform the school playground in the new year. It allows you to take the classroom outdoors, come rain or shine, and can also offer shade and shelter for parents on the school run. And, the best bit is, it doesn’t cost the earth to do! At Setter Play, we provide an extensive range of bike shelters, entrance canopies, gazebos and pergolas and guarantee competitive pricing. We can even provide bespoke canopies to suit your school’s needs.


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