Kids have the most vivid imaginations, don’t they?

They can play with pretty much anything and have oodles of fun. They have this magical ability to take something as simple as a cardboard box and turn it into something else, like a time machine or a spaceship! And it might look like a climbing frame to you and me but, to them, it’s actually a den.

Although they are well and truly capable of keeping themselves occupied with their make-believe games, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favourite school playground ideas to really spur on little one’s imaginations.

3 innovative ideas for the schoolyard:

  1. A busy play town

With fantasy realism of a busy town, children can jump right into character and lose themselves in a world of pretend play and exploration. Things like thermoplastic line-markings on the ground, traffic lights and road signs can bring the school playground to life as they drive around on their bikes, trikes and scooters. You might even consider bringing out the fancy dress box – allowing pupils to get into the character of a lollipop man or lady, a police officer, firefighter or postman. Whatever you have in mind, Setter Play would love to hear your ideas and help you create the best roadway and play town.

  1. A fairy-tale treehouse

Turn your school playground into an enchanted forest with a fairy-tale treehouse. Don’t have a tree? Not to worry, our bespoke treehouses can be raised on stilts and platforms – complying with the height restrictions schools have to adhere to – whilst creating the illusion of living amongst the trees. Aside from bringing an element of excitement to the schoolyard, they are also the perfect spot for child-led games and role play. Before you know it, fairy-tale influenced games will be the norm.

  1. A castle – fit for kings and queens

Ever thought about adding a touch of magic to your play area?

We have just the solution here at Setter Play. Play castles have long been a favourite of school children and offer almost unlimited play value. Our custom-made wooden castles can truly set the scene for girls and boys – making role plays all the more enjoyable. But that’s not all. Whilst helping pupils to get into character, our playground castles feature a range of challenging activities – including ramps, scramble nets and rock walls – which aid physical development at the same time.

Create the perfect school playground today

Here at Setter Play, we find that our play castles prove to be most popular, and have created a vast range of wooden castle playgrounds for primary schools within our home county. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your school or would like to find out more about the bespoke projects we have completed, feel free to take a look at our case studies.

Alternatively, if you have your own ideas and are keen to get the ball rolling, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01462 817 538. We are always on hand and would love to hear from you.


Inspiring ideas for the school playground FAQ’s

Yes, every piece of playground equipment supplied by us is custom-made.

This is a collaborative process, and we want to hear your ideas. So, before starting our design process, we make sure to sit down with you and discuss the visions you have for your playground, as well as the requirements of your children.

Once we’ve gained an in-depth understanding of what you’re envisioning, we’ll get to work on the design and manufacturing process.

From our abstract and elemental play units to our thermoplastic line markings, everything we produce has your requirements at the centre of its design.

Even the colours used within your playground equipment can be customised, matching your school’s colours or seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment.

We strive to make every single piece of play equipment engaging. We want it to encourage learning and development within children in a fun and exciting way.

If you are after new play equipment for your educational setting, get in touch with our knowledgeable experts by calling 01462 817 538.

Encouraging learning and development through play is at the heart of everything we do.

We recognise play is an important aspect of every child’s day, and encouraging them to get involved, explore new ways of learning and increase their social abilities is vital.

That’s why every piece of our play equipment has a variety of functions embedded, enabling students to practice their motor skills – grasping and gripping for example – through climbing, sliding, crawling and jumping.

But our products don’t stop at play units. We also design and install canopies, shelters and outdoor classrooms, ideal for outdoor learning and forest schools. These structures encourage learning and development outside of the classroom, away from books and worksheets.

Encouraging learning and development through sensory play is also an important aspect of any play environment. Here at Setter Play, we’re experienced in producing sensory playgrounds, incorporating outdoor musical instruments and different textures such as water and sand.

Yes, every piece of equipment supplied by Setter Play has been tried and tested, ensuring it is of the highest quality.

In 2000, we achieved the British Standards Institute Kitemark. This certification confirms our products are safer, more secure and of better quality than products without.

Safety is our main concern, and all our playground equipment, outdoor classrooms and other products are built to the highest safety standards to eliminate the risk of any accidents and injuries.

Your equipment will be designed to suit your space. So, you can be sure everything has been taken into consideration. For example, there will be no unexpected bumps beneath the ground which might affect the stability.

We also take care of the installation, so you can be sure your playground equipment has been installed correctly and is as secure as possible.

Of course!

Here at Setter Play, we strive to make our playground equipment as inclusive as possible, encouraging children of all abilities to get involved.

We can incorporate ground-level equipment – like flush-floor roundabouts and trampolines – as well as ramps and rails to ensure the equipment is accessible to all children, parents and teachers.

Our thermoplastic line markings also make great fun for absolutely everyone.

Whether you choose a fun activity such as snakes and ladders or four square or opt for a roadway or play town in which your students can let their imagination run wild, these markings make for inclusive play for all.

We’re also skilled in designing sensory equipment, such as outdoor musical instruments, for those areas where climbing ladders and slides aren’t quite the right addition.

To find out more about the inclusive play equipment available from us, get in touch.

Simply email us at [email protected] or call us on 01462 817 538 – we’re always happy to answer your questions!