Dr. Mistrano, headteacher at Bar Hill Primary School, invited Setter Play in to quote for their new play project after having worked with us at his previous school, Etonbury Primary.

Bar Hill’s brief was for three competing play companies to develop a bespoke climbing frame design that would promote physical development amongst their pupils, whilst also adding on some all-weather surfacing to a patch of grass in their school grounds.

primary school climbing frame

They loved Setter Play’s design for a climbing wall with a central deck to climb up to. From here an over head ladder tested physical strength and provides a lasting challenge for their pupils as they try and try again to complete the challenge.

Primary School climbing frame

Their new climbing wall is loved by teachers and pupils alike and we have been told they have had to implement a queue system due to it’s popularity!

school safety surfacing

Bar Hill were assisted in purchasing their new play area by the Cambridge Community Fund, due to their proximity to the A14 motorway works. We inlaid a wetpour rubber roundabout featuring the J29 A14 markings, with bonded rubber mulch surrounding that and providing all-weather access to the climber.


Primary school climbing wall

The second part of Bar Hill Primary’s brief was to develop a very special timber den for their pupils to run through or sit inside and read or socialise.

school timber den

Bar Hill Bird’s Nest was designed to commemorate their 50th anniversary, and features engraving at each entrance to help personalise it to their school.

school den