Fleet Infant School is an longtime customer of ours, who brought their first Setter shelter over 10 years ago. They commissioned Setter Play to add to their existing curved canopy with a new ‘Chatterbox’ outdoor classroom, to increase their teaching capacity and provide an inviting space to play and learn outdoors.

This ‘Chatterbox’ shelter had a few bespoke features which integrated the shelter to their existing one, and improved general functionality. A curved connecting roof linked the shelter to the polycarbonate one (visible to the right in the image below), creating one continuous all-weather space.

Full-height panels with integral windows at the end of the shelter prevented a ‘wind tunnel’ effect which the area previously suffered from, whilst also allowing lots of light in. A whiteboard is mounted on one of the panels to create a space for pupils to jot down ideas, thoughts, questions or answers.

As with all of our shelters the detailed roofwork is complete with a waterproof lining so that users are protected from the elements.

We’re very proud of another shelter project well done.