We first built Goffs Oak Primary School in Hertfordshire’s play equipment around 15 years ago, so we were very pleased to be invited back to redevelop their EYFS space during the Spring Term.

We worked with the school to develop a scheme that worked for them, dividing their play area into zones and also removing all of the old flagstones in the space in order to level the whole space and remove trip hazards.

The design included a Construction Zone on hatched yellow lines, inlaid tens frames and fives frames, and a sensory circle made with brick paving, with artificial grass in the centre.

A Mound and Tunnel provides a fun centrepoint to the whole play area, and invites their EYFS pupils to explore three dimensionally.

We also installed some raised bars for their pupils to hang from, developing grip-and-grasp as well as upper body strength.

Vibrant designs in the different surfaces add imagination-play themes to the space to boost play value even more.

With the area recreated and refreshed Goffs Oak Primary can now bring in lots of freestanding equipment for their pupils to enjoy. What a gorgeous scheme; we hope their pupils love it!