Giles Infant and Nursery School commissioned Setter Play to completely refresh all of their playgrounds, with a variety of social- and imagination-play provisions and all-weather surfacing.

Their year 2 playground was finished with a variety of playhouses and artificial grass throughout, with a watering hold for the old timber elephant (the only existing play feature which remained in the space!)

A two-room timber playhouse encourages social and interpersonal-skill development with a shop counter and a playhouse side-by-side.

Progressing around to the nursery play area, we added a soft area of artificial grass to the space, to completely refresh the area and give it the ‘wow’ factor their headteacher was looking to achieve.

An engaging water play area was built on a decking platform that we installed into a bank in their grounds, to extend their all-weather access space. The water play area features a wide variety of engaging moving parts, to help teach children about teamwork and cause-and-effect.

The centre of the space features the ever-popular mound and tunnel, adding a three-dimensional exploration space on an impact-absorbing shockpad.

Two large playhouses provide open-ended imagination-play opportunities and spaces for quiet group work

An overview of the central play area

In line with the school’s brief we also enclosed their scooter park, with an imagination-play petrol station to create an engaging imagination-play theme

The scooter track also features a low timber shelter to store the ride-on toys and protect them from the elements

We’re hugely proud to have had the opportunity to deliver such a large scheme for a local school, who absolutely love our work