Brookfields Primary School commissioned Setter Play to transform their EYFS play area, which was completely bare and ripe for a vibrant transformation.

We included our Itsy Bitsy Bear climbing frame to provide a physical challenge and aid in their pupils’ development, as well as a playhouse tower with a slide for their younger ones.

The climbing frame also sits in a ‘tree’ of wetpour rubber safety surfacing to create an imagination-play theme.

An island with a pair of Twigwams creates a space for socialising and a base for imagination-play games.

And a large timber playhouse features two ‘houses’ side-by-side, to add a real-world theme to the space and encourage socialising and communication development.

The area also featured drape posts for creative den-making, alongside a sensory ‘sound flower’ to add an inclusive element to the space.

Our design was finished with a huge rainbow-roof canopy to add a sheltered space to take lessons and breaktimes outdoors all year round