Eynsham Primary have a multi-year plan of outdoor works that they are embarking on to refresh their outdoor spaces and improve the provisions available to their pupils. As part of this development they approached Setter Play to create a bespoke outdoor classroom on top of an entirely renovated area, with the existing hedgerow removed, the ground made even and level with a fresh new layer of tarmac, and new fencing to make sure the area is safe.



The coloured roof panels allow for plenty of light into the space and also add an element of interest and vibrancy to the tarmac play areas. The brow treated roofing and fencing pair together well for an attractive finish too.

Inside their new outdoor classroom they have an integral whiteboard for added functionality, alongside some freestanding benches to allow the school to configure the structure however they wish

We’re hugely proud of another job well done, and in particular we were proud to hear the school commend us on the quality of the job. We very much look forward to working with Eynsham again in the future!