Lady Zia Wernher School in Luton commissioned Setter Play to create an sensory garden retreat for their pupils to enjoy some mindful time in small groups or one-on-one with their teachers.

Here are a couple of ‘before’ pictures, which really highlight the transformation!

And here are the after pictures!

We completely cleared the space and laid two new surfaces throughout, with artificial grass around the outside and enviropave rubber/gravel mix through the remainder of the space, providing level and dependable all-weather access throughout.

A large shade sail in the centre provides protection from the elements.

Sensory planting boxes are paired with vibrant pergola benches, creating a space for quiet relaxation, small group work, and to get close to nature.

We also made a custom mount for a large water feature which was requested by the school, with all cabling running in trenches under the ground.

A wheelchair accessible picnic bench in the corner provides more room to sit and chat.

The transformation of the space is considerable, and we’re really proud of this project!