John Burns Primary School in Battersea oversaw a competitive tender process to add two large canopies to their school grounds; they invited Setter Play to quote early in 2020 and we got to work creating a design and quote

Their brief was to create extra all-weather space that they could use all year round, which we could deliver with our innovative roller-shutter canopy designs

We proposed an idea which used glulam timbers too, for a striking look that continues and complements the lines of their school building

  They school also had the ability to customise the colours of their roof, picking from all the options of multiwall polycarbonate that Setter Play provide. Our roofing sheets deflect 98% of the sun’s harmful UV-rays to prevent the shelter becoming a heat trap.

Guttering collects rainwater in an orderly manner and discharges it into an existing gulley, which we made sure to tie together to give the school a complete and dependable solution

The roller shutters help protect their outdoor play and teaching provisions from the elements as well as mice and foxes. They also add more security to the space, as well as ensuring it can be used in any weather

Our canopies are the perfect way to provide your school with an extension but for a fraction of the cost

An inviting and inspiring space is the ideal addition to any school grounds

John Burns Primary are really pleased with their new canopies, and we’re very proud of another project well done.