This project has been in the pipeline for several years and the involvement of Setter has, from the initial “what’s possible” stage through to our current installation stage the personal service we have received has been excellent.  In developing our ideas of what we would like your advice and suggestions – and responses to our questions and queries of what is possible – has really helped us to develop our own ideas.  You have responded to all our queries around the more specialist nature and challenges of SEN provision, and this continues now as we ‘tweak’ things that we are seeing in place/in scale for the first time.


Our funding was secured very close to the summer holidays and going from “we’d love to be able to…..” to finalised plans and breaking ground in around 6/8 weeks has meant that we will get a whole extra year of use and enjoyment from the play spaces.  Due to these timescales, work continues in autumn term and again, you have helped us address all the additional challenges that this brings – ensuring your contractors are up to speed and providing a very good level of oversight and management of the project.


I would be happy to be contacted by any other school if they have further questions or queries.”