School Playground Equipment needs to be exciting and inspiring for young minds. A school wouldn’t be a school without School Playground Equipment, so what makes a play area so exhilarating?

Children love nothing more than having the opportunity to be creative, notice how much enjoyment they have from playing on climbing frames with their friends? Here at Setter Play, we supply school playground equipment that is suitable for all ages and abilities, providing everyone with the same opportunities to enjoy their childhood.


You want to capture children’s attention when you install a play area. Using bright colours and modern equipment will allow you to encourage children to use the equipment. One way you can do this is by installing the playground classics range that we provide at Setter Play. Our playground classics include swings, mound and tunnels and up and over equipment, all creating a welcome and exciting environment for children.


If you’re looking to install a new playground at your school, it shouldn’t just be about generating the “fun factor” for the children, but also help to continue their education outside of the classroom. It has long been regarded that, children learn new things through play, so why not incorporate this principle into your school’s playground?

Sitting behind a desk all day can be tedious and lead to difficulties in concentration, hence why an innovative playground can help to learn both in and out of the classroom. Our fundamental play units are tried and tested, making them perfect if you’re looking to install some playground favourites to help enhance the learning of your students. We also offer a bespoke surface, designing specific playground equipment to suit your school’s needs and provide only the very best educational aids for your pupils, encouraging them to be more imaginative and to think outside of the box.


Our imagination, Social and Natural school playground equipment is innovative in the sense that it helps to allow children’s imaginations to run free. A sensory garden is perfect for calming children down while allowing them to make the most of the space they have around them, whilst learning at the same time.


School Playground Equipment doesn’t only encourage children to make friends and socialise with their peers, it can assist with the social and physical development of children. There are many allegations see-sawing from the idea that schools aren’t doing enough to help children to exercise, resulting in more cases of child obesity.

However, who’s to say, installing new School Playground Equipment can’t improve the physical and mental health of children? We provide equipment that requires children to use not only their minds but their physical strength to climb, reach and support their own body weight. Take our Spiffy products for example!

What about adults?

School Playground Equipment doesn’t only provide young children with a sense of freedom, it allows parents and teachers to relax, knowing that children are in a safe environment where they can be supervised.

There are other advantages to school playground equipment, such as with our bespoke canopies and entrance canopies, which can provide shelter for when it’s raining, allowing you to wait and keep dry! We can create curved beam canopies or forest canopies, however, if you have a specific design in mind, we will be more than happy to discuss this in detail with you.

So, when it comes to School Playground Equipment, look no further than Setter Play, we can provide you with the playground classics or something bespoke, offering a certain uniqueness for your school play area! Don’t hesitate to browse our full range of products!