Performance Stage

Children's Play Equipment, Imagination, Social, and Natural Play


Giving children the space and opportunity to express themselves and develop their own imaginations is vital to their development. That’s why at Setter Play we’re hugely proud to have installed a wide range of different performance stages at schools across the UK.

Our stages are entirely bespoke, meaning we can built them to suit your needs, space, and budget.

We have previously built stages that are part of a play house, complete with a side room/play shop, to act out scenes, or to be a storage/changing area for the performers on stage. We have also customised our outdoor classrooms to create a much bigger stage, to allow schools the possibility to take productions outside in the summer months. Our stages can also feature a HDPE backdrop and HDPE wings, to allow performers to enter and exit the stage.

Our stages also feature a range of customisation options; a firm favourite has been to have HDPE cut outs in the backdrop of the stage, to allow different coloured light to pour through and add another dimension to your performances. Alternatively, from a practical perspective, we have also fitted grip decking underfoot to prevent anyone sliding about.

The customisation options are endless, so if you’re looking for a performance stage, look no further and enquire below!

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