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An outdoor playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children – it’s an outdoor hub for socialisation, development and growth. Here at Setter Play, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing exciting playground equipment in the UK for more than two decades.

We supply community groups, schools and nurseries with the best quality outdoor play equipment in the UK, offering a helping hand every step of the way – from inspiration right through to installation and beyond.

We don’t only create outdoor play equipment that’s great fun for toddlers and teens (and everyone in between!) but we also pride ourselves on providing an ‘experience’. Our playground equipment is designed to be inspiring and challenging – encouraging children of all ages and abilities to push their own boundaries. It also increases concentration, improves social and dexterity skills and fosters creativity in a safe outdoor environment.

No matter what type of play you’re looking to incorporate into your outdoor playground, be it on-the-go games, exploration or imaginative play, you can bet we have the perfect solution at Setter Play!

Choose from:

  • climbing frames (abstract, elemental and fundamental)
  • sports and fitness facilities
  • trail equipment
  • playground classics
  • imagination, social and natural play equipment

We even give you the opportunity to personalise your playground by building bespoke children’s playground equipment. For example, Muswell Hill Castle is a castle play area we created especially for Muswell Hill Primary School to replace an old, slippery wooden decking they were desperate to get rid of. Comprising of ramps, ladders, slides and spider nets, the climbing frame injected hours of endless fun for children – making it a play haven.

Our wooden adventure school playground equipment is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make outdoor play more enjoyable. At the core of every wooden playground is education, excitement – and more importantly, safety. Our team of in-house designers make sure that outdoor play equipment is child-friendly and built to the most stringent safety standards – eliminating the risk of accidents and injuries.

Aside from fantastic adventure playground equipment, you also need to think about seating and shelter – somewhere for teachers or parents to supervise. At Setter Play, we provide a wide range of outdoor furniture, including benches and storage solutions, canopies and shelters – which also allow you to take the classroom outdoors, come rain or shine, and prevents parents having to wait in the rain at the end of the school day. Our playground benches are great for socialising at break and lunchtime, but also give reserved children somewhere to sit and watch until they feel confident enough to join in.

If you would like to know more about our children’s play equipment, or to discuss your wooden playground ideas in more detail, feel free to get in touch. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to assist. Call us on 01462 817 538 or drop us an email at [email protected].


Small Compact School Playground Slide - Setter Play Equipment UK

Abstract - Interesting and Engaging Play

Our abstract timber play units can be explored around the outside, up the inside, over the top and through the middle, challenging children to explore the three dimensional space the climbing frame occupies. There is no right or wrong way to play with our school playground equipment.

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Bespoke Wooden Playground Slide & Equipment here at Setter Play

Elemental - Natural play units

We have returned to our origins of hand crafted timber based play units to provide an alternative to the manmade components such as aluminium, HDPE and steel that feature in other units in our range.

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Wooden School Playground Slide from Setter Play

Fundamental - Everyday play units

Fundamental is our tried and tested range of school play equipment featuring favourite designs and activities produced from tough durable components.

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Sports and Fitness Pitch from Setter Play UK

Sports and Fitness

Sport and fitness is an increasingly important part of primary school life, and Setter Play's sport and fitness designs and products are ideal for promoting a healthier lifestyle amongst young children. Setter Play design, manufacture and install Multi-use Game Areas, Sports Walls and Goal Ends that cater for a variety of different sports, including Football, Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, and Track and Field events. We also supply and install thermoplastic line markings, all-weather running tracks, sports walls and much more. We also offer the full service, offering the requisite groundworks, levelling, and installation.

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Free-Form Climbing Frame

Freeform - Non-prescriptive play

Free-form, non-prescriptive climbing frames invite children to explore in any direction they like, with few fixed points to promote continuous movement and provide the perfect space to grow healthy and strong through play

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Setter Play School Canopies and Shelters

Canopies and Shelters

From functional monopitch canopies, to graceful curved ones, Setter Play has 20 years' experience in providing pupils across the country with some all-weather accessible space and protection from the elements.

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Wooden Fortress for School Playground Equipment. All from Setter Play UK

Bespoke Projects - Unique play projects

  Our bespoke play schemes are tailored and customised to your school, meaning your pupils will love them even more!

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Wooden Playground Swing for Schools - Setter Play UK

Trail Equipment and Playground Classics

In many ways, play equipment has advanced immeasurably over the years, but in many other ways, it's still the same. Check out our range of playground classics like activity trails, swings, and zipwires.

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School Playground Furniture & Extras

Outdoor Furniture and Extras

All the extra bits and bobs you might need to complete your play area!

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Playground Equipment for Social and natural play

Imagination, Social, and Natural Play

Play time isn't only a great way for children to blow off steam! Help develop their understanding of the world around them with our imagination, social, and natural-themed play equipment.

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Imagination Play Panel - Setter Play

Play Panels

Our range of play panels are ideal for injecting excitement, activity, colour and sound into any play area!

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Sports Line Markings - Setter Play

Thermoplastic line markings

A cost-effective way to add colour, excitement and activity into your play area

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