Looking to make playtime more exciting for your nursery children?

You’re definitely in the right place.

Our collection of fundamental play units is perfect for younger, KS1 children, and provides the perfect opportunity for fun, engaging and educational play.

At Setter Play, our equipment caters to children of all ages and abilities, and makes learning a fun experience for everyone!

Whether it be our ramps and ropes or towers and climbing frames, you’re sure to discover something that suits the space you have available, as well as providing challenges and development opportunities in the form of fun obstacles.

To find out more about our fundamental play units, or kickstart the design process, get in touch with our team today.

A range of options

If you want to create a centrepiece for your school playground, Setter Play provides fundamental equipment that is eye-catching - perfect for inspiring young minds and capturing their imagination.

An example of our fundamental wooden playground equipment includes the Tugboat.

Utilising bright colours and a nautical theme, this piece of equipment is sure to grab the little ones’ attention.

Not only can they embrace their creativity, but they can also improve their physical strength by climbing and supporting their body weight when using the ladder ropes.

So, if you want your playground equipment to look presentable and exciting to attract children’s interest, look no further than the fundamental collection here at Setter Play.

High-quality, affordable school playground equipment

Of course, when shopping for new school playground equipment, you want to make sure the equipment is safe.

Setter Play manufactures wooden playground equipment for infant play areas; we use wooden materials to not only enhance the appearance of the play area but to ensure children are safe from harm and injury.

All our equipment is made to have smooth edges, preventing scratches and scrapes from sharp corners!

And, being made from such high-quality, robust materials, your equipment is destined to be a part of your yard for a long time.

Want to know the best part?

All of our fundamental play units are extremely affordable and designed to suit a different range of budgets.

For more pricing information, give us a call on 01462 817 538 today!

Contact the experts at Setter Play!

Whether you need help designing the perfect playground equipment for your nursery class, or you have a question about a piece from our elemental range, we’re here for you.

Give us a call or send us an email today and we’ll get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about how we can help bring your playground visions to life!


The Galleon is a super-sized ship-themed playframe that is a fantastic centrepiece to a primary school or park playground. Consisting of a bow section and stern section, which are each [...]

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The Tug Boat is a boat themed play unit that combines a nautical theme and appearance that invigorates children's imaginations, with the climbing activities found on a traditional tower unit [...]

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Crackerjack is a large multi play unit that engages children of a wide age range. Occupying 75m2 of space, and with a wide multitude of physically challenging activities, the Crackerjack [...]

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Click is a two tower play unit for the under six age group, with platforms at 900mm. Click is more conventional than Klunk as the two towers are linked by [...]

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Noggin is a bright and colourful compact unit that features a heptagonal deck, designed to fit lots of exciting activities. The Noggin features as standard some more unorthodox climbing activities, [...]

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Klunk is a two tower play unit for the under six age group with platforms at 900mm. Designed to expand on the Click tower unit, Klunk features the ever-challenging overhead ladder, [...]

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Ant Hill is a large play unit designed for nursery children. Two triangular platforms at 900mm feature simple steps, a ramp and rope, a scramble net, and a stainless steel [...]

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Klink is the older brother to Click and Klunk, and amalgamates the activities found in both to create a large play frame with three towers. One 900mm high triangular deck [...]

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Zoiks is a compact and affordable climbing frame that packs tremendous fun in a small space. A triangular tower is accessible by a ramp and rope on one face, a [...]

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Nogson is the extension of Noggin, with an added crawl tunnel and extra tower increasing the size and play value of the climbing frame. The decks are 900mm high, making [...]

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Hectors House

Hectors House is another Setter Play design that is fully Kitemarked by BSI to EN1176. Hectors House is a compact multi-play unit particularly suitable for infant play areas on village [...]

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Jellystone is a three tower play unit which is a combines the towers of Skylark and Zoiks by linking them together with challenging physical activities. The triangular 900mm platform is [...]

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Square Bear

Square Bear is the smallest tower in the Setter Range and is designed to fit where space and budget are tight. The tower is built to the same high safety [...]

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Muttley is designed to combine the physical challenges of Zoiks with the imagination and stimulation of Hectors House. There are three Platform levels at 600mm, 900mm and 1,200mm. Muttley is [...]

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Bedrock is a compact yet very exciting and well-rounded climbing frame that features a surprising amount of activities in such a small space and for a small budget. Consisting of [...]

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