Outdoor Classrooms and Teaching Canopies

Outdoor Classrooms and Teaching Canopies
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Designed in close discussion with head teachers, Chatterbox is the ideal teaching canopy space for any educational establishment. At 6m x 4m standard size, they are the perfect sheltered meeting place, place to rest and socialise, or open air classroom.

In line with our bespoke offerings, we can design a Chatterbox to fit most space and size constraints, and we have years of experience in building them to fit all shapes and sizes. Alongside installing square-shaped outdoor classrooms, rectangular ones, hexagonal ones, L- and T- shaped ones, we also have the ability to fit them tight into corners, to maximise the space available to your school and provide you with the best value for money.

Just like our monopitch and curved-beam canopies, you have a wide range of customisation options available for your Chatterbox, to give it the appearance you’d like for your school. We have designed and installed Dutch gables, valley and hips on angled shelters, integral roof lights, and even clear coverings, which all give the Chatterbox an individual look. We have also designed Chatterboxes to match grade-listed buildings, by matching their roof pitch as well as roof materials!

We have huge experience in designing our Chatterboxes to stand elegantly and be sympathetic to their environment, and we have found that schools much prefer timber canopies to steel, as they are more attractive and more sustainable.