The bright colours, unorthodox appearance and huge variety of physical challenges make the Spiffy the perfect climbing frame for younger years at primary school.

Shephalbury Park saw all the benefits of the Spiffy, but wanted Setter Play to create a custom, larger version for the pupils at their school. We specialise in bespoke projects, and jumped at the chance to create a brand new and unique version that they’d be proud of.

The Spiffy’s non-prescriptive design means that children can approach and play on it from any angle, which keeps the challenge exciting and fresh.

The Super Spiffy is packed with physically challenging activities, like a cone net, tube net, suspended steps, rock traverse panels, and an overhead ladder.

It’s skeletal design lends itself well to supervision, as there are no area to congregate behind or under.

The exciting design and eye-catching colours turn heads and create a climbing frame a school can be proud of.