Water Exploration Zone

Children's Play Equipment, Bespoke Projects



This water play unit combines multi-level play with innovative water features to create a hugely fun and entertaining space for children to learn about and manipulate water.

To begin, you drawn water from the water well using a suction funnel. This water ends up in a basin, from which you can transport the water using a large Archimedes screw. The water that you bring up is then put in another tank, from which you can either let it run down into a lower tank, or by lowering the dam and containing the water, you can bucket it across to the water wall, using a bucket on a crane with a pulley system.

The water wall features tubes and funnels that your pupils can mount in their own crazy configurations, and track the water draining through it. Conversely, by lifting the dam on the main tower up, you can watch the water travel down another trough, and to the sandy seabed area. This landscaped area, complete with stones for sitting or stepping across, allows the water to run to the end of the riverbed.

The multi-level features of this water play unit create endless fun opportunities, and the ability to dam the water in certain areas, or transport it to and from an area, allows children to learn about cause and effect with clear examples. The interactive parts of the scheme, such as the water pump and the Archimedes screw are endless fun for the children to use, as the pictures demonstrate!

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