Setter Play is a specialist when it comes to stimulating the imagination of children. We create playground equipment that encourages children to get involved, set the scene and allow their imaginations to run wild.

Whether you’re looking to install equipment for children to sit, rest or eat, we manufacture equipment that can enhance the way in which children play and socialise. We have a range of sizes, shapes and colours that are ideal for encouraging children to engage in activities, socially and physically.

We have a natural play scheme which is ideal for suiting the needs of young children. Themed play is also something that we can create at Setter Play, in the past, we have created transport play equipment (including a play train) which is free-standing and spacious, encouraging children to socialise and combine imaginative ideas with each other. All our designs are colourful and cheerful, making your school playground stand out from the rest!

We offer equipment that is appropriate for story time. We have created mushroom seating and a storyteller’s chair which is a more compelling way to capture the attention of children, it’s a refreshing change to being cooped up in the classroom where it’s difficult to maintain concentration.

At Setter Play we are confident that you will find what you’re looking for, and if you don’t, then we are always happy to discuss

Play Houses and Hobbit Houses

Play houses are perfect for children to develop their imaginations and get lost in their own stories. Over the past 20 years we have constructed every type of playhouse; big [...]

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Mud Kitchen

With allergies in children on the rise, exposing them to nature is ever more important! Our bespoke mud kitchens are high-quality and feature a range of 'kitchen appliances' that help [...]

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Water play is a fantastic way for young children to learn cause and effect; they can manipulate the streams of water by stopping them in one basin by using a [...]

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Pugwash is designed to stimulate imaginative play with its simple nautical theme and features. The stylised HDPE panels feature port holes and an engraved anchor, whilst a main mast stands [...]

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An expansion on the Splish water play unit, Splash features two troughs to provide more space for more children to get involved in the fun. Water play is a fantastic [...]

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Play Houses

Play houses are available in many shapes and sizes, and are customisable in their colour and style, allowing you or your pupils to pick the house they want. The enclosed [...]

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Splosh is an inverted Splash; instead of two short basins leading out from underneath the large tub, two long basins lead into the large tub, giving even more room for [...]

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Play Bus

Play Bus is designed to be an affordable, compact free standing, imagination play vehicle. There are three bench seats for the driver(s) and passengers, and the HDPE panels can come [...]

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Thermoplastic Roadway Features

Thermoplastic roadway markings are a firm favourite in primary schools due to their affordable nature, ease of installation and use, and the vibrancy they can bring to an otherwise bare [...]

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Play Train

The play train is a bright and cheerful addition to a playground, providing robust imagination play for the very young. Made from durable HDPE and available in a wide multitude [...]

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Activity Line Markings

Outdoor games are a fantastic way for children to improve key skills such as hand-eye coordination whilst having fun. Our thermoplastic line marking activities also include popular games like four-square, [...]

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Water Exploration Zone

This water play unit combines multi-level play with innovative water features to create a hugely fun and entertaining space for children to learn about and manipulate water. To begin, you [...]

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Roadways and Play Towns

Roadways are the perfect space for your pupils to expend their energy and use their trikes, bikes and scooters in a constructive, orderly way. We love to pack our imagination-play [...]

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Storyteller’s Chair

This grand old chair is the perfect spot for a teacher to lead story-time! Featuring a tall straight back and arm rests, this all-timber seat is the perfect height and [...]

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Mushroom Seats

An adorable way to provide seating for your pupils whilst they gather around the storyteller sitting at their Storyteller's Chair, Mushroom Seats are made of bouncy and comfortable rubber, and [...]

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Performance Stage

Giving children the space and opportunity to express themselves and develop their own imaginations is vital to their development. That's why at Setter Play we're hugely proud to have installed [...]

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