Thermoplastic Roadway Features


Thermoplastic roadway markings are a firm favourite in primary schools due to their affordable nature, ease of installation and use, and the vibrancy they can bring to an otherwise bare area.

Setter Play offer a range of cute roadway features that bring the schemes to life with their high quality, fun details and the ability to get your pupils’ imaginations going, facilitating the development of social and interpersonal skills.

IMG_2195 (Custom)

Our roadway schemes are bright, colourful and vibrant, to excite your pupils and inspire them to play

IMG_2202 (Custom)

We offer a wide range of different play panels to spur the imagination

IMG_2203 (Custom)

We also offer bespoke timber features like our traffic lights

IMG_2204 (Custom)

Our ‘How Tall Am I?’ station features a chalk back-board for pupils to mark their heights and compare.

IMG_2216 (Custom)

Chevrons are another neat feature to our roadways.

IMG_2217 (Custom)

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