At Setter Play, we have 20 year’s experience in design, manufacturing and installation of play equipment. We design play areas that are made from mixed materials for schools and parks, taking great pride in all that we do. You may ask yourself: “How can they create something that is exciting and engaging for all ages?” After all, there are so many parks and play areas that already exist, but playgrounds are vital to assist the mental and physical development of children, and we do this through the installation of play equipment which is specific to areas, locations and needs of the users. For instance, our play equipment is categorised into 6 groups: abstract, elemental, fundamental, bespoke projects, trail equipment and playground classics, canopies and shelters.


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 Wooden playground equipment

We have elemental wooden playground equipment for example; the Wacky House. This is a large feature which has a quirky structure that is imaginative and eye-catching. There is a tree house aspect to the wooden equipment; as well as a conventional tower – attracting the attention of young children. Providing endless amounts of activity, children are sure to love this playground equipment which includes ropes, ladders, bridges and activity panels.

Another example of one of our works includes “Twiglets”, This wooden equipment is suitable for infant school children because it incorporates colours and climbing frames. This feature is low cost but immensely entertaining and interesting for children and allows parents minds to be at peace due to the use of safety surfaces, which surround the play equipment to reduce the risk of any a accidents furthermore all the timbers used in our wooden playground equipment is always quality treated by us at Setter Play, and eco-friendly sourced with 70% of our timber products coming from within 10 miles of Bedfordshire!

Why do we have to replace old wooden playgrounds?

Over a period of time, wooden play areas can become slippery and dangerous as a result of weather conditions and use. Regrettably, they are not created to last forever, however, the old structures can become outdated and less attractive resulting in children losing interest.

An example where we have renovated a wooden play area is Muswell Hill primary School we created a woodland theme to revive the area’s imagination and to improve the play values. Throughout the renovation scheme, we ensured the woodland theme was represented throughout, the structures are solid and provided the play area with a purpose: to allow children to explore and engage.

To ensure safety, when manufacturing, we only use timber that is machine rounded to provide a clean smooth surface and prevents infestation and rot.

Here at Setter Play, we value all of our customers and therefore provide you with a 15-year guarantee – ensuring you can trust in our wooden playground equipment to continue entertaining and engaging children of all ages for years to come.

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